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Stocks I Invest In

*Disclaimer: I'm not a professional trader and am not advocating or recommending any stocks. Trade at your own risk.

When we reduce distractions, unecessary expenses and useless material things, our savings and cash flow will increase. So, how to invest that money in order to maximize returns?

For me, I don't really trade actively, but prefer do some medium term investing in a few companies. Here are the stocks I'm holding right now (currently all Malaysian stocks traded on the KLSE):

Aeon Credit
Provides microfinancing for small purchases, usually household items all the way up to motorbikes. This is helpful for fresh grads, small business owners or rural households who may not have access to credit cards or bank loans. Of course, a lot of millenials are also using these facilities to fund their latest gadget or smartphone purchase, which could be very very bad for their personal finances in the long-term.

Provides electronic services for government related transactions.

Description from Reuters:
The Company's businesses are categorized into two strategic business divisions: Government to Citizen (G2C) and Government/Enterprise Solution (GES). G2C services refers to services such as driving theory test bookings, issuance and renewal of licenses, electronic bill payment and payment, as well as online information services such as traffic summons checking and electronic bankruptcy or liquidation status searches. GES are non-Internet based services, such as software and enterprise solutions, system development and maintenance, as well as services rendered at the e-Services Centers.

Strong profits,cash flow and a monopolistic business make this a no brainer.

Formerly Jobstreet until they sold the business to SEEK. Currently they have holdings in various digital marketing and service companies in Asia Pacific. They are also looking at funding the next generation of promising new startups. Mark Chang is a legend.

For me, this is just a small long-term position which could yield 10x down the road.


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