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Stocks I Invest In

*Disclaimer: I'm not a professional trader and am not advocating or recommending any stocks. Trade at your own risk.When we reduce distractions, unecessary expenses and useless material things, our savings and cash flow will increase. So, how to invest that money in order to maximize returns?For me, I don't really trade actively, but prefer do some medium term investing in a few companies. Here are the stocks I'm holding right now (currently all Malaysian stocks traded on the KLSE):Aeon Credit
Provides microfinancing for small purchases, usually household items all the way up to motorbikes. This is helpful for fresh grads, small business owners or rural households who may not have access to credit cards or bank loans. Of course, a lot of millenials are also using these facilities to fund their latest gadget or smartphone purchase, which could be very very bad for their personal finances in the long-term.MYEG
Provides electronic services for government related transactions.…

30 Day Challenge #1 - Updates

Recap: 30 day challenge of eating no sugar or white carbs and no missed workoutsThe first 12 days went almost perfectly.  I ate mainly meat, fish & veg. Had light meals and some fruit in the evenings.  I went from 86.9kg to 83.5kg - a 3.4kg weight loss.  Training was basically a daily 5 minute HIIT workout but I managed to get two 4km runs in there as well.The next 12 days were a disaster. During the Chinese New Year family gatherings I ate a lot of rice and noodle. There were about a half dozen beers and cider in the mix as well.I also missed every single workout after that. There have been many work related projects and CNY events to deal with and I've been pretty burnt out. Of course, these are just circumstances that are shared by almost everyone who has a full-time job and kids (and I don't even have kids!). Life gets in the way, and sometimes it ain't easy.  I make no excuses for failing. Knowing that I screwed up big time and I have to do better next time, the 3…