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My name is Leonard Lee and I live with my wife and 3 cats in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

A former national chess player, I was selected to represent the country decades ago but pulled out to focus on studies (not that it helped my grades much).

In college I started playing football (soccer) and would continue to play the beautiful game until a couple of ACL injuries required surgeries, and I was convinced to quit contact sports.

Since then I've done some aikido, running & biking.  Have finished 2 Olympic distance triathlons and am hoping to complete a full Ironman someday.

Have never posted good times or improved my aikido due to being overweight for most of the past decade.  No excuses here, lack of discipline and impulse control really adds up over the long-term.

My life changed when earlier this May I was diagnosed with testicular cancer (pure seminoma).  When I felt the initial swelling I actually joked that I was following in Lance Armstrong's footsteps, but then that soon turned out to be true after the ultrasound. Long story short, I got my left nut I/O'd and did a couple of rounds of chemo. The chemo really sucked, but in the end, I was completely cured.

My wife and my family took care of me throughout, both physically and emotionally. I wouldn't have made it without them.

This is my journal.


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The obsession with things that are new.  The need to obtain the next new thing.Neomania is the reason why I once had a huge watch collection. The researching, comparing, hunting and anticipation was so much more pleasurable than actually owning the watches. After buying a new watch it was great for a few months.  Then the excitement died down and then it was on to researching and planning the next acquisition.  I'd always loved watches growing up. Suddenly I had more than ten. It was getting out of hand.  Was it the watches that suddenly stopped being cool and iconic, or was it me?Neomania is the reason why the new self-help book seems better than the last, even if I haven't finished or implemented anything from the last book. Just like the latest magazine issue or podcast episode, it's fresh and updated, so it must be better......right?That new model BMW you buy causes it to cease being new. A couple of months later a newer model will come along and the…

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Here are some great books that are good for relaxing the mind before bedtime.Visions of Japan by Kawase Hasui. This guy was a genius who created hundreds of stunning woodblock paintings of rural Japan back in the old days. Guessing he travelled like crazy and mostly on horseback.  Pretty sure Toyota wasn't around back then. If you're not familiar with his art, google his name for some amazing prints. I have them all over at home and even as my phone's wallpaper.
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Drink more teaAs much as most of us love our coffee, too much of it will overstimulate our bodies and mess with our blood pressure. It may also lead to dehydration due to it's diuretic nature. Finally, longer-term issues may be caffeine addiction and bone density issues.Tea, on the other hand, contains much lower levels of caffeine so it won't cause most of the issues associated with coffee. Tea has antioxdants which help to prevent inflammation. Various types of teas help to regulate our blood pressure and aid digestion.Most of us need to remind ourselves to drink more water and less coffee.  It's not easy to control ourselves during the stress of our working environments. Drinking more tea solves both problems.Tips
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